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These daily action steps, will help you find your inner warrior,
and allow you to, step into your greatness.

Bershan's Blog

QUOTE: "I would rather die of passion than of boredom." –Vincent van Gogh CHALLENGE: Dedicate your life to something you are passionate about. Even if you
QUOTE: "You become what you believe." –Oprah Winfrey CHALLENGE: Self-image is so important, so nurture yours with nothing but positivity and self-love!
QUOTE: "Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see." –Confucius CHALLENGE: Change your perspective on one aspect of your life today, and see what new opportunities

“Choose You!” Workshop

Guide to Finding Self Love

I am here to assist you with finding your inner love and choosing you.






Life Coaching

By Bershan Shaw Not many people think about overthinking, which is ironic, since those who overthink are too preoccupied with overthinking to notice just how damaging their overthinking can be. Overthinking occurs when a person continues to dwell relentlessly on one scenario, subject, or problem to the point of exhaustion. Some
By Bershan Shaw The back to school/fall season is approaching and that means shopping trips are coming up. We have back to school shopping, thanksgiving shopping, Black Friday shopping, etc. These are the months where shopping is most chaotic. Because of this, it is important to make lists to keep us
By Bershan Shaw There are days we are tired, and then there are days when we are really tired! Not just lacking sleep, but maybe tired of something that’s going on in our lives. Maybe we are tired from not seeing the results we want from something. Or, maybe an illness

Health and Wellness

By Bershan Shaw Summer is almost over! All the back-to-school commercials are out, and the stores have removed any remnants of summer, replacing bathing suits and beach toys for book-bags and school supplies. With these last couple days of summer left, you can still end it with a bang. Here are
By Bershan Shaw When you are sick, how do you know? Because, your body exhibits outward signs that indicate an internal issue. For example, when we have a cold we often cough, or sneeze, and may even have a fever. Knowing this we take the proper actions whether that be treating
By Bershan Shaw Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t drink water because I don’t like the taste?” Guilty! There’s just something about water that I can’t seem to make myself drink it, unless it’s after an intense workout, or its freezing cold. I know it’s a weird little tidbit

Relationship Tips

By Paula Paulette As women, we have a momentary advantage going on dating sites. It gives us a little control, flipping through the profiles like a deck of cards. Only filled with jokers instead of kings. Is there something wrong with this picture? 60+ women getting winks, likes, emails, from men
By Bershan Shaw Did you know that like the month of February, August is known as a month dedicated to love? Perhaps when you think about it, it isn’t so odd after all. Summer flings are being tested at this moment. Will they blossom into something more, or slowly burn out
By Bershan Shaw Every single day we are on a constant cycle of living in the real world, while living in our virtual worlds, and trying to find a balance between the two. Most people wake up, and the first thing they do is check their online profile or create a

Bershan's Everything

 This is my motto. Anything you want in life you can have. You just have to be willing to work hard, struggle and never give up. We always give up when it gets tough and hard but that's when you push through because on the other side is your DREAM waiting. Don't make the mistake of giving up and giving in #motivatedmondays #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #motivation #instagood #lifecoach #urawarrior #iambershanshaw  Are ya'll ready for EMPIRE tonight? Who do you want Lucious with Cookie or Anika? It's getting juicy. I love good entertaining tv. Can't wait until 9 pm!!! Catch you later! #tv #goodtv #entertainment  All it takes is a dream, belief and dedication to make something happen in your life. I was on this beach in Turks & Caicos when I dreamt of becoming a life/relationship coach because I wanted to help and support people since people did that for me. God gave me life to help others lives. Thank you God #turksandcaicos #beachlife #allittakesisadream #neverstopbelieving. Take the time to find your dreams and never give up. #iamawarrior #motivation #lifecoach #inspired
 When you pray ask for guidance and strength to out you on the right path. We sometimes listen to ourselves when we need to listen to GOD #godhasyourback #godisgood #motivation #inspiration #iambershanshaw  Start your day off with a splash of color. BE UNIQUE. BE DIFFERENT. BE COLORFUL. BE YOU. And don't let anyone try to change the beauty inside of you. #urawarrior #wearewarriors #love #beauty #instagood #instaphoto #tagsforlikes  On my way into WPIX 11 to speak about my relationship tips for females in getting what they want. We give the men too much power and it's time to take our power back. Check me out tonight at 10 pm channel 11. A new book is coming in the spring. Be ready. It's sexy, racy and fun #iambershanshaw #iamawarrior #relationshipexpert #relationshiptips #motivation #lifecoach
 Even though you have a blurred day, a French bull dog will continue to make you smile. Dogs give you unconditional love: Charlie, Bam Bam and Pebbles are my road dogs. They have my back when I think no one else does. When you feel down, find something to bring you to a happy place warriors. Happy Saturday! #iamawarrior #motivation #inspiration #iambershanshaw  Stop putting off that meeting, that connection, that opportunity, that this or that that....It may never be another moment. We miss opportunities all the time because we are afraid, we're scared, we doubt ourselves, we don't believe we are worthy. Know YOU ARE ENOUGH. Now get what you're supposed to get. Claim it and believe it because tomorrow isn't promised #motivation #instagood #love #inspiration #tagsforlikes #urawarrior #iambershanshaw #lifecoach  Tonight I will be on WPIX11 tonight at 10PM. TUNE IT THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DONT WANT TO MISS! #URAWarrior #WPIX11 #BershanShaw #LifeCoach
 I love it when you have to travel for business and get some sun in too. 2015 is a change year ladies and gentlemen. Find your purpose. Live your dreams and don't settle for anything #iamawarrior #urawarrior #motivation #inspiration #lifecoach  Getting ready to get miked & go on television WPIX 11 with some really good dating tips on how to date right and get what you want. 1. Step out of the box. Do things that are different. Date other and don't be afraid to try new cultures and do new ideas 2. Don't settle you're the prize. Get what you want 3. Keep it sexy & simple all the time. I have a lot more stay on the lookout for the launch of my book this Spring. It's hot and sexy #instagood #followme #photooftheday #motivation #tagsforlikes #urawarrior #iambershanshaw  Stop worrying about people who are jealous of you, envious of what you have or trying to achieve. That means you're doing something important. There will always be haters so save your energy worrying about them. Worry about yourself and rise to the top. Show me' what you've got. #urawarrior #iamawarrior #iambershanshaw
 We always think the grass is greener on the other side but when you get to that other side you will be in for a rude awakening. Be blessed with where you are in life. That's where you're supposed to be. Happy Thursday Warriors #inspiration #motivation #instagood #iambershanshaw  We spend so much time asking for help, praying and wanting something from GOD but have taken the time to thank him for what you already have? Many are less fortunate and have less. GOD is good. #godhasyourback #motivation #inspiration #lifecoach #keepthefaith #neverstopbelieving  There's nothing better than being in the Swiss Alps in 50 degrees weather with great friends drinks, wine and great fun. #livelife and do what you love because life is too short to wait for tomorrow. Have a blessed Wednesday warriors! #iamawarrior #iambershanshaw





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We have to be still and not think we know it all. Talk to GOD. He will answer your prayers. Just believe # urawarrior 
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How you see yourself is always more important than how others see you. 
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How will a change of perspective help you out today? 
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Stop doing less the your best because you will get less than you deserve #urawarrior visit 
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Always live for you, and do what is best for you. Only you know best. 
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How many situations in your life could be improved by adding love?