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These daily action steps, will help you find your inner warrior,
and allow you to, step into your greatness.

Bershan's Blog

QUOTE: The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. –Amelia Earhart CHALLENGE: I challenge you to just do it….no excuses.
By Abigail Fazelat Moving into a college dorm might be a scary and difficult experience for many. If you choose to live in a dorm, there
QUOTE: Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein CHALLENGE: I challenge you to find what you love and it
By Bershan Shaw In a time where the lines between what is right and wrong seem to be blurring, what goes on inside your brain when

“Choose You!” Workshop

Guide to Finding Self Love

I am here to assist you with finding your inner love and choosing you.






Life Coaching

By Bershan Shaw Not many people think about overthinking, which is ironic, since those who overthink are too preoccupied with overthinking to notice just how damaging their overthinking can be. Overthinking occurs when a person continues to dwell relentlessly on one scenario, subject, or problem to the point of exhaustion. Some
By Bershan Shaw The back to school/fall season is approaching and that means shopping trips are coming up. We have back to school shopping, thanksgiving shopping, Black Friday shopping, etc. These are the months where shopping is most chaotic. Because of this, it is important to make lists to keep us
By Bershan Shaw There are days we are tired, and then there are days when we are really tired! Not just lacking sleep, but maybe tired of something that’s going on in our lives. Maybe we are tired from not seeing the results we want from something. Or, maybe an illness

Health and Wellness

By Bershan Shaw Summer is almost over! All the back-to-school commercials are out, and the stores have removed any remnants of summer, replacing bathing suits and beach toys for book-bags and school supplies. With these last couple days of summer left, you can still end it with a bang. Here are
By Bershan Shaw When you are sick, how do you know? Because, your body exhibits outward signs that indicate an internal issue. For example, when we have a cold we often cough, or sneeze, and may even have a fever. Knowing this we take the proper actions whether that be treating
By Bershan Shaw Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t drink water because I don’t like the taste?” Guilty! There’s just something about water that I can’t seem to make myself drink it, unless it’s after an intense workout, or its freezing cold. I know it’s a weird little tidbit

Relationship Tips

By Paula Paulette As women, we have a momentary advantage going on dating sites. It gives us a little control, flipping through the profiles like a deck of cards. Only filled with jokers instead of kings. Is there something wrong with this picture? 60+ women getting winks, likes, emails, from men
By Bershan Shaw Did you know that like the month of February, August is known as a month dedicated to love? Perhaps when you think about it, it isn’t so odd after all. Summer flings are being tested at this moment. Will they blossom into something more, or slowly burn out
By Bershan Shaw Every single day we are on a constant cycle of living in the real world, while living in our virtual worlds, and trying to find a balance between the two. Most people wake up, and the first thing they do is check their online profile or create a

Bershan's Everything

 Here are my girls. My true friends. We laugh, we cry, we fight but in the end we make up because that's what friends do #tbt #throwbackthursday #loveinthecity #owntv thanks OWN for letting us share our lives on tv #iamawarrior #urawarrior  I will be speaking at Faith Place Church, THIS Sunday September 21,2014. Come out & support. Hilton Hotel 144-02 135th Street Jamaica, NY. 11:45am. Wont be disappointed!!!  About last night, there's nothing like a great birthday party for a college girlfriend overlooking the #nyc New York City skyline with beautiful people, great food and amazing drinks. Oh what a night!!Only in New York #selfie #swag #fashion #fashionrocks #photo #photooftheday #tagsforlikes #iamawarrior visit
 THIS SUNDAY!!! join me in a worship celebration you wont regret! FAITH PLACE CHURCH 144-02 135th street Jamaica NY. Inside the Hilton Hotel. See you there!!! Be Blessed!  I had an amazing day with @daisylewellyn #bloodsweatheels #loveinthecity come together to motivate teenagers DREAM NYC. What a great day inspiring and motivating. I'm rocking #jcrew dress and @blubaker messenger bag. There bags are amazing check them out. Daisy & I blonde brown chicks from another mister. Kindred spirits for sure!!  No make up, no fancy clothes just true friendship after a long jog on the beach. Just girls having fun. I love this lady @chenoamaxwell #friendsforever. A good friend is priceless. #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #iamawarrior #urawarrior #tagsforlikes #bershanstips #tbt #throwbackthursday
 Wake up feeling like a Warrior. It's Warrior Wednesday and it's time to show self-love. Love yourself, be good to yourself, take a selfie and motivate yourself that you are great. Greatness starts with you. Now go out and make it happen be the warrior that you know you can be. Visit for more inspiration #iamawarrior #urawarrior #weareallwarriors #tagsforlikes #selfie #swag #photooftheday  Never give up the faith because GOD has your back. God will take care of your troubles just trust and believe & have FAITH #iamawarrior #urawarrior #bershanstips  Lunch is served a salmon salad with black beans avocado tomatoes and onions. It's time to count the calories and stay fit because fall is here #bershanstips #getfit #urawarrior #iamawarrior #tagsforlikes #healthyeating #foodie #healthy
 Tough it out Tuesdays. Sometimes the road gets tough and you can't see the light but you're strength and determination will make you stronger and better. The road is bumpy but the journey is worth it. Stay strong, keep the faith and believe. The light will soon shine on your face and it will be worth it #iamawarrior #urawarrior #weareallwarriors #faith #bershanstips  What an amazing day with @daisylewellyn and @jasaunsvision for putting together an amazing event DREAM NYC to help teenage girls with empowerment and self-esteem. These two women are fantastic follow their journey #bloodsweatandheels and positive things. Thanks for letting me be a part of this journey in helping & teaching! #weareallwarriors #iamawarrior #urawarrior  Hi Warriors! I am inviting you to come out on Sunday September 21st I will be speaking at Faith Place Church. Come join me in an awesome church service and hear my personal testimony. After service we will have an opportunity to chat and you can purchase a signed autograph of my book. Come out & support. Queens NY. September 21st. 11:45 am 144-02 135th Street, Jamaica NY (inside the Hilton Hotel) See you then! Tell a friend to bring a friend! You wont want to miss it!!
 Wake up with a big smile on your face. You made it another day and many didn't. You have the ability to walk, talk and hear and many can't. Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep on moving forward. Motivated Mondays. Don't stop until you get what you want!!!#iamawarrior #urawarrior #warriorwomen #tagsforlikes #photooftheday #photo #selfie #smile #bigsmile #bershanstips  On days like this I'm wishing I was back in #turksandcaicos #beach #sunandfun with my friends for my birthday. It's cold so GET UP & GO TO THE GYM or GO TO THE CARIBBEAN lol #iamawarrior #urawarrior #bershanstips #tagsforlikes #lifeiswhatyoumakeit  There's nothing better than being at Serena Williams fashion show @serenawilliams with #annawintour #boriskodjo #marlonwayans and more. It's star studded and sexy #nyfw Nothing's better than New York Fashion Week





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