Motivation is a vital factor which can lead you to achieve the goals of your life. A motivated person has a desire to change his life and the life of others as well. Our world is gifted with so many motivational speakers who motivate and inspire the audience.

A great example of the International Motivational Speaker who genuinely modified the life of many people is Bershan Shaw. Wholeheartedly, she changed the life of the others by becoming a great international speaker. She is a multitasker i.e. a motivational speaker, author, founder and also a great advisor.

Bershan’s life was not full of the joys of spring when doctors told Bershan about her breast cancer in 2007 and in 2009 it was the 4th stage. If at a place of the Bershan there was someone else may lose the hope and life also but Bershan didn’t. Bershan fought with cancer and now she is living cancer-free from the past seven years.

This battle of life forced the Bershan to become an international motivational speaker. She has belief in her that this cancer has come to her so that she can change the life of others. Then she started an extraordinary social networking site named as, “”. The main intention behind this site to help those people who are suffering from the hard times of their life.

This international motivational speaker also wrote one book “Urawarrior 365 Ways to Challenge You to a Better life”. This book helps others to achieve success over the difficult times. As time passes Bershan’s demand was increasing. She changed the life of the others through many conferences, empowerment stages, wellness conferences and more. She has transformed many livesthroughout the world by her extraordinary messages.

Bershan Shaw is an inspiration for a lot of people who are depressed in their lives and have a lack of courage to deal with their sufferings. She inspires people to fight with every adverse situation like a strong warrior and she believes that if someone wants to achieve something then he/she should first learn how to love themselves in every situation.

There are many couples who are struggling with their relationships and many of the divorced couples are not even able to deal with the situation after divorce. Bershan Shaw helps them to overcome this situation and give them the courage to find a way to start a new life.

She motivates and encourages people to find a suitable life partner so that they can taste the fruit of happiness and remove all the clouds of the past.She has transformed many lives by teaching others the right way to live. She provides guidance to people so that they can achieve their goals with full dedication.